The Wakhan ski race

Final stage ski race.

Sarhad-e-Broghil 4th March 2020

Slope with ten slalom gates and two time trial heats. The slope was prepared by the race technicians, with a slightly steeper and more demanding final section, and then tested by the competitors.

Tight control of the race judges: Andrea at the start, Giuliana at the control of the gates, each gate touched 5” penalty, Giorgio and Fabio stopwatch and video footage, Anna on arrival check the touch of the finish line.

1st Round

  • Aziz 37″,43
  • Azim 43″,30
  • Shabaz (Mos) 44″,50
  • Nojob 34″,91
  • Razaq 34″,15

2nd Round

  • Shabaz (Mos) 46″,80 + 5″
  • Azim 37″,78
  • Aziz 46″,98
  • Nojob 34″,26
  • Razaq 32″,52

Final ranking

  1. Razaq 66″,67
  2. Nojob 69″,17
  3. Azim 81″,08
  4. Aziz 84″,41
  5. Shabaz (Mos) 96″,30

The second round had better times for the three experts. To highlight the performances of the two beginners, Aziz and Mos, absolutely at the level of the others up to the penultimate gate, the most difficult, for the overcoming of which it was necessary an excellent control by expert skier! Without the last two gates both would have given a hard time!

Great performance of whole team!